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The True Value of Review Affiliates

I love review affiliates

A successful affiliate program should account for at least 20% of overall sales regardless of the industry. In select industries with high commissions, the affiliate channel can account for 30% to 50% of your sales. Few people understand affiliate … [Continue reading]

Reason One Million And One Why United Healthcare Sucks

united healthcare sucks

United Healthcare has long been my least favorite insurance company in terms of interacting with the staff. Ironically, I have never had significant issues with the coverage. It has all been related to the customer support. They are the worst … [Continue reading]

Affiliate Nexus Thresholds By State

affiliate nexus map

A growing list of states are passing nexus laws requiring merchants to collect sales tax in states where they have affiliates. In many states with nexus legislation, there is a revenue threshold an affiliate must surpass for nexus to be … [Continue reading]

6 Ways To Save Money

chase slate card

1. Credit Cards - I realize that credit cards are one way many people accrue debt. I make money with mine. Advanced Warning - applying for a credit card is a hard pull on your credit report. Hard inquiries will temporarily reduce your credit rating. … [Continue reading]

Shop Discover Changed Their Name To Discover Deals

discover deals

I recently received an email from Discover saying that ShopDiscover was retired and the new name is Discover Deals.   Why Was The ShopDiscover Name Changed To Discover Deals? My conclusions are purely speculation since I neither work at … [Continue reading]

Why Fake New Ranks Well

dustin diamond murder

Have you ever wondered why fake news stories rank so well? The short answer is they catch people's attention. The related buzz in the form of backlinks and social signals are two of the most important factors in search algorithms. Authority (being … [Continue reading]

Hidden Lake At Glacier National Park

hidden lake at glacier national park

  Hidden Lake is a trail behind the Logan Pass Visitors Center. It is 1.5 miles to the overlook and 3 miles to make it to the lake. If you go all the way down to the lake, the steep switch backs are likely to leave you winded unless you are a … [Continue reading]

Bighorn Sheep At Glacier National Park

glacier national park big horned sheep

  The color isn't the greatest and the focus could have been a tad better, but I assure you this wasn't an easy picture to take. Most of the sheep I saw in the park required binoculars to see. This guy was close enough I could see him with … [Continue reading]

Performance Bicycle Affiliate Program

performance bicycle logo

Performance Bicycle is where I purchased my current bike. In typical fashion, I spent five hundred dollars, rode it twice, and it has been sitting in the corner ever since. Unfortunately, I can't blame in the bike shop for me not using the bike. What … [Continue reading]