Squeegee Moment

I was the first car stopped at a stop light while driving back from lunch. This moderate inconvenience was exacerbated when I realized there was a homeless woman with a squeegee by me. I indicated that I didn’t want my windshield washed, but she proceed to cleanse or dirty the window, depending on your perspective.

squeegee moment

At that moment, I thought “oh shit, I better give her a dollar or some feces will undoubtedly be flung.” I rolled down my window and handed her a dollar. This is when it got a little weird. She told me, “baby, make sure you say your personal prayers. You can’t say them aloud or the devil will hear them.” Then she took her squeegee and painted a heart in dirty water on my side window. It was a tad strange and sadly, that peculiar moment was the most affection I’ve had in about six month.

Anyway, what i learned today is the devil can hear your prayers if you say them aloud, so you should silently say them in your mind at least according to the homeless woman I encountered.

If you are genuinely questioning whether the devil is omniscient, you might visit these sites:

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