Songs I Like

(Added As I Find them)

  • Terence Jay – One Blood

I heard this song while watching Green Street Hooligans and had to find a copy. I still enjoy it weeks later. I find it slow and soothing. You can find a version on Youtube if you don’t have other means. I would embed it myself, but my desire to be sued lessens the older I become.

My first thought when I saw this song being performed was, “wow, that is one big dude.” My thoughts quickly turned to the beauty of the voice. It is an amazing legacy for a life cut far too short.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole facing future somewhere over the rainbow cover art

The theme of this song simply states one my overarching feeling in life. Honestly, who isn’t lost in their mind much of the time? It’s also quite the cheerful and upbeat tune. The cover arts a little odd though.

The Head and the heart cover art

One Republic is one of those bands I feel guilty for liking. In recent years they’ve had the foot stomping hits Marchin On and Apologize. My shame came from the fact that these songs sounded like they belonged to the teenage girl set. This sense of shame changed once I heard Counting Stars. I realized One Republic has depth only gained through life experience few if any teenage girls have obtained.


one republic native cover art

This is one of the happiest, most inspiring songs I know. You are in one hell of a funk if this song doesn’t make you feel better. Fans of this band have put a wonderfully fun video on Youtube with this song. I highly recommend searching for it.

above and beyond sirens of the sea cover

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