.6% Of The Population Has A Micropenis

Have you heard of a micropenis?

I hadn’t until the other day when my co-worker told me they were the topic of conversation with her friends. Apparently, they are a real thing. There is even a Wikipedia page about them. According to this page, you might have a micropenis if you come in at under 3 inches while standing at attention.

My co-worker indicated an entire community exists for these folks. I’d think it would be fairly large if they really are .6% of the population. From what I can surmise, hormone exposure in intrauterine are the main cause. Currently, doctors try to treat the afflicted with doses of testosterone. Much to my shock and dismay, many of these boys were transformed to quasi girls during the 1960’s and 1970’s. That sounds like something right out of one of Hitler’s mad scientist’s playbooks.

Anyway, I hope these chaps can find love and happiness. Everyone in this World deserves their fair dosage.

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