Tumbleweed – Great Company For Tiny House Plans

I currently work for Compact Appliance. During the course of my day to day activities, I run across many tiny house websites. In all honesty, these websites are frequently one of the few bright spots in my otherwise mundane day. If you aren’t familiar with what a tiny house is, here is an example from the folks at Tumbleweed Houses.

elm photo tiny house

Tiny Houses Explained

Tiny houses are typically from 100 to 900 square feet. They usually cost between $20,000 – $60,000 to build. The low price point helped fuel increased interest during the economic downturn. Many houses are designed for easy relocation. Aesthetically, they tend to have more solid wood, although it’s also common to use re-purposed storage containers or train cars too. In some ways, these smaller footprint houses are a backlash against the explosive growth in home sizes seen over the last 50 years. Wikipedia even describes this as the “small house movement.” The owners tend to be more green focused. Many choose to reside in sparsely populated areas nestled against nature, like in the woods or by a mountain.

Resources To Learn More

  • Tiny House Talk is my favorite blog to look at countless amazing images of tiny houses. I’ve had a few exchanged with the webmaster, Alex. He strikes me as a genuinely good guy. Now that I’ve mentioned his site, I’ll borrow one of my favorite images from Tiny House Talk. It’s taken from inside an 800 square foot unit, so it is on the bigger side. I find myself entranced by all the wood work and the overall bright nature of the residence.

amazing tiny house image

  • The Tiny Life is another worthwhile blog focused on the small living revolution. Ryan, the webmaster, has a good checklist to consider before starting your own tiny house project. He starts his checklist by saying you need a plan and some tools. Tumbleweed is a great resource if you would feel more comfortable purchasing a proven set of blue prints.


What Services Does Tumbleweed Offer?

  1. Tested Blue Prints for Tiny Houses from 117 to 874 square feet. I don’t know about you, but I am neither an architect nor am I a carpenter. One of the coolest aspects of the small house movement is the DIY aspect. Of course, you are looking at far fewer headaches if you buy a set of plans. A set of plans from Tumbleweed currently costs one payment of $759 or 12 payments of $79. I realize that is a sizable investment. In my humble opinion, it is still worth it for most of us mere novices.

tumbleweed tiny house plans


  1. In addition to a variety of plans, Tumbleweed also sells trailers to move tiny houses. The trailers start at a little under $4,000 and go to a little under $6,000. Again, this is a sizable investment but it does ensure you will have the freedom to explore without leaving your house behind. You’ll also do this with far more style than your typical tacky RV geared towards the 80+ crowd.



  1. Last, Tumbleweed hosts workshops all over the country for those looking to learn more about this more sustainable method of living. These workshops have been hosted in over 26 different cities. Workshop tickets retail at $400, but I’ve seen them go as low as a little over $200 if you happen to catch the offer at the right time. As with most items, the price is dependent on how badly they need to move them.




Joining the tiny house movement can begin a great journey. The building process can instill confidence and allow growth in areas you never knew you were capable. Living in a smaller footprint allows owners to consume less and feel better about the sustainability of their path. The portable nature of many setups allows for a flexibility and oneness with nature rarely realized in today’s fast paced society. And most importantly for some – living this way is inexpensive.

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