EdgeStar DWP61ES Dishwasher

Let me preface this article by saying a countertop dishwasher is only a cool gift if the recipient lives in a tiny ass apartment where regular dishwashers are not an option. If you or the potential gift recipient fits the aforementioned criteria, a countertop dishwasher can be an absolute life saver. I fell in this boat right out of college when I lived in a 264 square foot apartment off Enfield Rd here in Austin. You might be asking yourself at this point, “whoa, how could you live in that little space.” I could do it because I was broke, and yes, it sucked. On the bright side, the experience put hair on my chest or balls. Pick the part that seems more manly to you.

EdgeStar DWP61ES

The EdgeStar dishwasher made the experience of living in a small space far more bearable. Like many Americans of the millennial generation, I never learned to wash dishes by hand. Yes, this is far better than never learning to read, but it still isn’t an optimal predicament when you find yourself forced into living in urban squalor. My biggest problem with hand washing dishes is I don’t know when to declare them clean. It seems counter-intuitive to accept a plate as sanitary if it hasn’t been fully bathed in several rounds of 150 degree water and steam. At this point, you are probably interested in what’s under the hood.

EdgeStar DWP61ES Dishwasher Review

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  • In theory, the EdgeStar DWP61ES dishwasher has enough room for 6 place settings. I say in theory because my unit was about an inch and a half to short to comfortably hold my large plates without tilting (max plate height is 10.5 inches). The end result was that I ran many loads with just 4 large plates. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t my greenest move. Oh well, I was young, dumb and too lazy to wash dishes. What do you want from me.
  • Countertop is not just a name. You do place these units on top of the counter. They are pretty small coming in at less than 50 pounds.
  • The Dimensions are – 17-3/16″ Height x 21-11/16″ Width x 19-11/16″ Depth.
  • 680 watt power consumption.
  • 1 year warranty to send new parts and 90 day warranty for repair that requires a service technician.
  • Owners manual link.
  • Delayed start option.
  • Connects to the faucet for water.
  • 55 decibel operating volume.
  • 6 different wash cycles are available, depending on what you are washing.


EdgeStar has a pretty thorough setup / overview of the DWP61ES on Youtube. It’s pretty straightforward. The only part that might be tricky is that you have to connect the unit to your sink to supply water. Yeah, this method looks more ghetto than a standard full size or 18 inch dishwasher with the hoses in the back. It’s still well worth the aesthetic sacrifice if you don’t like to hand wash dishes.

List of Don’ts (Some Are Mildly Amusing)

  • Don’t store gasoline or other flammable liquids in or around your dishwasher. I second this advice.
  • Don’t allow children to play inside the dishwasher. I’ll go out on a limb and say this one also sounds like common sense.
  • Load knives handle side up to reduce the chance of injury. OMG, we as a people are either that stupid or litigious. I’m going to start a letter writing campaign to my congressman about the associated e coli risk about improper toilet paper usage. I expect you to do the same.
  • Content washed in sanitizing mode might be hot to the touch. I sure as fuck hope so!

I’m going to stop here. This list is making me lose faith in the mental faculties of mankind.


The EdgeStar DWP61ES dishwasher can be a life saver if you lack the space for a traditional dishwasher. It can’t hold many dishes, but it’s unlikely that you are looking to this unit to satisfy the cleaning needs of a family of five. If you are, god help you. The other main selling feature of this unit is the low price tag. When I look at Compact Appliance, it only costs slightly more than $260. That’s about half the price of a standard size dishwasher. As long as you set your expectations correctly about the capabilities of this dishwasher, it will be a great addition.

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