Hidden Lake At Glacier National Park

hidden lake at glacier national park


Hidden Lake is a trail behind the Logan Pass Visitors Center. It is 1.5 miles to the overlook and 3 miles to make it to the lake. If you go all the way down to the lake, the steep switch backs are likely to leave you winded unless you are a beast. The other cool part about this trail is that you will see sheep. There is a chance of big horn sheep, but they are less likely.

As a side note, I told me co-workers this image looked mildly phallic. They told me I should go to the doctor and have that checked.

Bighorn Sheep At Glacier National Park

glacier national park bighorn sheep


The color isn’t the greatest and the focus could have been a tad better, but I assure you this wasn’t an easy picture to take. Most of the sheep I saw in the park required binoculars to see. This guy was close enough I could see him with the naked eye. I still had to have someone else point him out several times as my untrained eyes skipped over him repeatedly. I like to think I am better at seeing flowers than sheep.

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Santa Elena Canyon (Big Bend National Park)

santa elena canyon

Wyoming Mountain View

wyoming mountain view

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