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Mr. Rebates is my favorite cashback website. The site was founded in 2002 by Craig and Bret Cassata in Illinois. Home base for the company has since been moved to Indiana to avoid the nexus legislation that is the bane of the affiliate industry.


How Do Cashback Sites Work?

Cashback sites like Mr. Rebates work by splitting affiliate commissions with the consumer. Said another way, when  you click on a link from Mr. Rebates, the merchant pays Mr. Rebates and they split the commission with you. As a rule of thumb, the split is around 50%. This percentage is frequently increased during holidays. I find this amount fair since the cashback website has to manage to the API to track sales and provide customer support.

Here is how the Mr. Rebates account appears in Commission Junction:

mr rebates in commission junction

Network earnings of 5 bars means that they are pushing significant sales. EPC refers to the earnings per 100 clicks. The three month average here is $2.71 in earnings per click. If you know PPC rates from Google or Bing, you’ll recognize how significant this amount is.

How Long Does It Take?

Purchases should show as pending within a day. Most will show much faster. Cashback changes from pending status to available status after 90 days. This period is long enough to account for more merchants return period.


How Do Payments Work?

$10 is the minimum payment threshold. Payments are made through either PayPal or by check. Requests are processed at the start of the following month. Requesting payment is a convenient process of only a couple steps.

mr rebates request payments


How Many Merchants Are Integrated with Mr. Rebates?

There are currently a little over 2400 stores integrated with Mr. Rebates. The number of stores with cashback available is one of the biggest advantages to this site. For reference, 2400+ stores is more than 10x the number of stores integrated with Discover Deals.

mrrebates integrated stores


Is Mr. Rebates Legit?

I have used Mr. Rebates for over 5 years. I’ve never had any trouble using the site. Support is timely and courteous. Payments are sent as scheduled. The fact that they adopted PayPal years before some of their prominent competitors meant I received most of my payments because I wasn’t left trying to cash a check for $1.88 or some other obscure amount.

mr rebates first purchase bonus

Referral Program

One of the best aspects of Mr. Rebates is its generous referral program. When you refer friends, family, co-workers or readers of your blog, you can earn 20% of their cashback! In fact, I highly recommend you click on my referral link should you decide to register.


Tracking is usually cookie based. Make sure that cookies on enabled in your Internet browser to ensure proper tracking. Do not use incognito mode or any equivalent or the sale will not be tracked. It is better to use a desktop platform as opposed to mobile. Always make sure Mr. Rebates is the last link clicked before placing the order. Many sites, particularly coupon sites, are affiliate sites without this association being obvious. Orders can be submitted for review if tracking fails. This is a method of last resort though, and largely depends on how benevolent the merchant is. The first item they check is whether or not another affiliate has received credit for the sale.

Coupons found outside of the Mr. Rebates website might void the purchase. This isn’t a big deal for most purchases since they publish a thorough list of coupons. Lots of times you can get away with using coupons from another site. It is a crap shoot though, and not worth the risk if you are relying on receiving the rebate.

Some products, like gift cards or phone cards, might not be eligible for cashback. These restrictions are determined by the merchant and having nothing to do with Mr. Rebates itself.


Alternative Cashback Sites

Any number of cashback sites now exist. Ebates and Fatwallet are my favorite alternatives to Mr. Rebates. Ebates and Fatwallet merged a few years ago, but the cashback rates on Ebates still tend to be a little higher than Fatwallet. Fatwallet is better at finding a deal that might only be available for a short term or require several steps to maximize the discount.

Contact Information

I’ve personally only had to contact Mr. Rebates a couple times. During both of these occasions, they replied the same day.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (877) 658-910-89445
  • Address: Indianapolis Blvd Ste A # 102, Highland, IN 46322-2649
  • Better Business Bureau Page

Here is a screenshot of the manual adjustment from one of the times I’ve contacted Mr. Rebates. The error in this case had nothing to do with Mr. Rebates. Rockler Woodworking incorrectly reverses an entire affiliate commission if part of the order contains a gift card. It makes sense to not pay commissions on the gift card since cashback could both be paid when the gift card is purchased and when it is used. To void the entire order is bad form on Rockler’s part and demonstrates low regard for affiliate partners.

mr rebates manual adjustment


Mr. Rebates Signup Link

Mr. Rebates, Inc.

(877) 658-91089445 Indianapolis Blvd Ste A # 102, Highland, IN 46322-2649

– See more at:

Mr. Rebates, Inc.

(877) 658-91089445 Indianapolis Blvd Ste A # 102, Highland, IN 46322-2649

– See more at:


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