Why Do My Farts Smell?

smelly fart

Many a thinking person has wondered why we produce such horrendous odors out of our butts. I am no different in this regard. I’ve stumbled across a Facts on Farts page that was quite informative, despite looking like it is straight out of 1996.

The proper term for a fart is flatulence. As we all know, this gas passed through the rectum has a feculent smell (in other words in smells like shit).


Farts are a byproduct of the bacteria in our guts breaking down our consumed food. Some have argued that swallowing a lot of air can also cause increased farts. If this occurs, it isn’t responsible for the smelly, extra ripe ones that are the concern of this article.


Sulphur compounds that compose less than one percent of a fart are what provide the odor we all love and cherish. Hydrogen sulphide is the main culprit.



NPR recently ran a story discussing how farting up to eighteen times a day might actually indicate you have healthy levels of microbes in your guts. The microbes eat food in the intestines we can’t digest, like fiber. Gas is a bi-product, but more importantly, the fatty acids produced help aid the growth of beneficial bacteria and archaea.



If you or your loved ones have decided that you pass too much gas, there is help. Beano is one of the most well known, not to mention cheapest, remedies. You can find a wide assortment of digestive aids on Amazon. Fortunately, many of these products receive great reviews, so there is hope to silence your butt with some proper tender loving care. Should you decide to buy one of these options I recommend being more discreet than I was. At one point when I was battling a particularly upset tummy, I made the mistake of leaving some Gas X in the back seat of my car. I thought my neighbor was going to remind me of seeing it in my car for the rest of my life.

External Resources

The two most informative pages I’ve read about farts are at Heptune and Wikipedia.