24k Gold Plated Flask from Jacob Bromwell

I recently wrote about the 200 dollar copper flask offered by Jacob Bromwell. At the time I foolishly thought you would have to be pretty baller to spend so extravagantly on a flask. This was before I realized Jacob Bromwell also offers a 1000 dollar 24k gold plated flask! Check out this beauty:

24k gold flask from jacob bromwell

At least the folks at Jacob Bromwell seem to realize this item is a little over the top as witnessed by some of their marketing tactics. The quote they selected to add right underneath the page title was written by someone going by “Urban Daddy.” Come on, that’s pretty funny.

urban daddy quote

Yeah, I bet some of you are wishing you had your own urban daddy right about now to buy you this unique gift. Enough for the chit chat, let’s get to some specs.


24k Gold Flask Specs

  • This handcrafted item is entirely made in the United States.
  • You might not have heard of Jacob Bromwell, but rest assured that this is a safe purchase. They have been in business since 1819.
  • The flask qualifies for free shipping as do all purchases totaling more than 250 dollars.
  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • It is important to make sure that you only hand wash this item as opposed to placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Holds nine ounces of booze.
  • 100% FDA approved as safe for beverage consumption.
  • The dimensions are 4 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches

More About Jacob Bromwell

  • They have been in business for more than 200 years, handcrafting the finest housewares.
  • All their products are made in the United States in either their Indiana or Vermont facilities.
  • All products come with a lifetime guarantee.


999 dollar flask

In an amusing note, pig bellies were one of the original commonly used items to make flasks. I’m not sure about you, but I’m thinking that I would feel slightly more classy swigging from whiskey held in a 24k gold flask as opposed to a pig belly.

In all seriousness though, most people probably won’t be able to afford an item this extravagant. If you fall into this category, I still highly recommend giving the Jacob Bromwell website a once over. They sell a bunch of a cool hand crafted shit. None of it is cheap, but most of it is cool. Their site could particularly come in handy for that hard to shop for person in ¬†your life who already has everything they need. Anyway, that is probably enough pleading for today.

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