Panama Jack Island Cove Open Weave Hanging Chair with Base

I was looking at today and ran across an interesting looking hanging chair. It’s official, albeit somewhat long winded title is the Panama Jack Island Cove open weave hanging chair with base. Yes, it is a mouthful, but it is also a damn cool looking chair. In all honesty, I never knew such contraptions existed. Looking at the picture makes me wish I also owned the house where they took the picture.

panama jack island cove hanging chair with base


Panama Jack Island Cove Open Weave Hanging Chair with Base Feature Review

  • The chair is made from weaved wicker designed to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Viro wicker does not crack in the outdoor elements.
  • Wide footing provides exceptions stability.
  • Aluminum frame will withstand years of outdoor weathering.
  • Ample space is provided by the chair with a width of twenty four inches and a depth of twenty nine inches.
  • Attractive espresso finish for the most discerning tastes.
  • 125 pound shipping weight.
  • Gently glides back and forth for ultimate relaxation.
  • The manufacturer is committed to sustainable, renewable production.


What is the Catch?

Up to this point everything sounds great. The main catch is the cost. This chair appears to be MAPP priced. Said another way, everyone appears to be charging the same $780 for this chair. I am not a huge fan of MAPP pricing because it seems opposed to the capitalist system by my way of thinking. If you don’t believe my MAPP claim, you can compare the price on Walmart.


About Panama Jack

Panama Jack has made luxurious fine furnishings since 1974. Emphasis is placed on having a corporate conscious. Giving and sustainability are two principle components of their over arching ethic. Their furniture tends to look like it belongs next to a beach or pool in the Caribbean. This connection isn’t by mistake as this furniture is intended to transport you to a state of relaxation and bliss.


Alternative Hanging Chair Options

Inevitably, some of you are saying, “that looks like a damn cool chair, but I don’t have that much money.” I understand this sentiment completely. Times have been tough recently and even when they weren’t, almost $800 was still a lot of money to drop on a swinging chair.

The cheapest alternatives are to buy a C hanging stand for between $100 – $330 and the hanging chair separately.

c hammock chair stand

About Hayneedle

Hayneedle is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They were founded in 2002, using a microsite strategy. Hundreds of microsites were combined into the Hayneedle brand during 2009. In recent years, the company has experienced strong growth. They now have over 400 employees.

Godinger Dublin Glass Drink Dispenser With Metal Stand

I’ve gone to several parties recently with these cool glass beverage dispensers. It motivated me to look around on the web and try to see who sells them. During my search, I ran across the Godinger dispenser with a metal stand (model GGR010). This unit is for sale for less than $80 with free shipping from Hayneedle.

godinger drink dispenser with metal stand

I find this style of glassware quite stylish. It reminds me of the kind of drink dispenser royalty would use to serve translucent batches of punch during elegant parties. In this fantasy, I would be the court jester, and we would all reach the perfect level of intoxication during a blissful yet relaxed night of enthusiastic mingling.

Godinger Glass Drink Dispenser Highlights

  • Two and a half gallon beverage capacity.
  • Twelve inch jar with a four inch stand for a total height of sixteen inches.
  • Weighs six pounds.
  • High spout makes filling glasses convenient.



Reviews are fairly scant for this particular unit, although Godinger items in general have great reviews.

  •  Three reviews exist on Amazon. Two of the reviews are five stars, while the last review gives the unit three stars. They complained about what they cited as a cheap plastic tap.

godinger dublin drink dispenser

Potential Disadvantages

  • This style might be on the showy side for some. Others would use the word elegant though.
  • It has to be hand washed.
  • Given that it is glass, it would be far easier to break than a plastic unit. It also costs roughly twice as much as a plastic dispenser.
  • It is a large item to store that might receive relatively infrequent use.

Godinger Background

Godinger has produced inexpensive yet elegant silver, glass, and crystal items for over fifty years. Arnold Godinger and William Lefkowitz started in the company in 1972. It is headquartered in Ridgeway, New York. I currently own one of their whiskey decanter sets. It is beautiful, although I largely use it for show since I personally worry about the potential health effects of drinking out of leaded crystal. There probably isn’t much risk since it has been a long time since I was under the age of six.


Hayneedle Background

Hayneedle has been in business since 2002. It originally started as The company used the popular microsite strategy of the time by starting dozens and then hundreds of niche focused websites. Almost all of these properties have since been rolled into and now redirect to It is based in Omaha, Nebraska where it has over 400 employees. They have an A+ BBB rating and are frequently regarded as one of the fastest growing ecommerce sites.


Similar Products

Godinger itself manufactures a few more lines of glass and crystal dispensers.

  • The Westbury dispenser by Godinger is one of my favorite alternatives. It holds 3 gallons of liquid as opposed to the 2.5 gallons the Dublin model holds. I find the glass base particularly attractive. You can find this model from Macy’s for a little less than $100.

godinger westbury drink dispenser


  • The Monticello dispenser also by Godinger is also quite attractive. This container holds two and a half gallons like the Dublin model. It maintains a four star rating on Amazon with over twenty five reviews available.

monticello drink dispenser by godinger


Between the three suggested drink dispensers, I’m confident you will find the right choice to add an elegant touch to your next party. If you are lucky, one of these artistically crafted pieces will help make you feel like a queen or king in the comfort of your own home.

Save Over $100 By Buying A Refurbished Blendtec Blender

Blendtec is a company that has made badass blenders for forever. These are the type of blenders you can put a stick in and find yourself with pulp shortly thereafter. If you are willing to gamble on refurbished products, you should give their refurb page a look to save $100+ dollars.

blendtec refurbished blender

The next time you find yourself bored at work, you should check out some of the Will It Blend video series from Blentec. Here is a sample involving glow sticks. It gives me a warm fuzzy flashback to a rave I attended in college.

How Much Are You Actually Saving?

I’m a bargain hunter by nature. If I was reading this post, my first thought would be, “how much am I actually saving?” Damn skeptics! Well, let’s look at the grandaddy poobah of all ecommerce, Amazon, to answer that question. The $279.95 refurbished blender from Blendtec is $399 on Amazon. Satisfied?

blendtec blender on amazon

How Does Blendtec Perform?

In an even better omen, the reviews are great! 460 out of 551 reviewers giving the unit 4 or 5 stars on Amazon. Come on, the other 91 people are likely either flukes, competitors or crusty old people. At least 20 of those people probably fall into all three of those categories.

Other performance stats:

  • Whopping 1,560 watts
  • 3 horsepower peak motor
  • Capable of spinning at 29,000 rpm
  • Blendtec stands behind the refurbished units with a full 7 year warranty

How Do Their Competitors Perform?

At this performance level, there are two viable competitors – Waring (Models MX1000XTX – MX1200XTX) & Vitamix. Both these companies make great blenders. The reality is 90%+ of people who buy a Blendtec, Vitamix or XTX series Waring blender will be extremely satisfied with their purchase.

waring xtreme blender amazon

The Waring XTX class is slightly more powerful at 3.5 horsepower. It is also a little more expensive than the refurbished Blendtec units at a little over $300. The series also has great reviews, albeit there are far fewer than the Blendtec. The real points are won by Blendtec on the warranty front. While the refurbished Blendtecs come with a full 7 year warranty, the waring is only 3 years on the motor and 2 years parts and labor. That’s still nothing to sneeze at though.

vitamix blender amazon

Vitamix is the most commonly mentioned competitor. Again, this company makes great blenders and they’ve also been around forever. Their blenders tend to cost a little more than both the refurbished Blendtec’s and the Waring Pro / Commercial series. The cheapest unit I found was the TurboBlend 4500 for a little less than $400. Reviews tend to be best for Vitamix units, although they are stellar for every blender mentioned in this article. The TurboBlend 4500 has a 2 horsepower peak motor versus 3 for the aforementioned Blendtec and 3.5 for the higher end Waring series. When you are talking about this much power, the numbers start becoming more of a marketing ploy. I am pretty sure my outdoor edger has less than a 3.5 horsepower motor and it will cut the concrete driveway if I’m not careful. Vitamix provides a 5 year warranty on it’s units, so it’s a couple years worse than the refurbed Blendtec, but still a remarkable guarantee.

If you feel like treating yourself with the most AMAZING blender on the market, click below.

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24k Gold Plated Flask from Jacob Bromwell

I recently wrote about the 200 dollar copper flask offered by Jacob Bromwell. At the time I foolishly thought you would have to be pretty baller to spend so extravagantly on a flask. This was before I realized Jacob Bromwell also offers a 1000 dollar 24k gold plated flask! Check out this beauty:

24k gold flask from jacob bromwell

At least the folks at Jacob Bromwell seem to realize this item is a little over the top as witnessed by some of their marketing tactics. The quote they selected to add right underneath the page title was written by someone going by “Urban Daddy.” Come on, that’s pretty funny.

urban daddy quote

Yeah, I bet some of you are wishing you had your own urban daddy right about now to buy you this unique gift. Enough for the chit chat, let’s get to some specs.


24k Gold Flask Specs

  • This handcrafted item is entirely made in the United States.
  • You might not have heard of Jacob Bromwell, but rest assured that this is a safe purchase. They have been in business since 1819.
  • The flask qualifies for free shipping as do all purchases totaling more than 250 dollars.
  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • It is important to make sure that you only hand wash this item as opposed to placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Holds nine ounces of booze.
  • 100% FDA approved as safe for beverage consumption.
  • The dimensions are 4 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches

More About Jacob Bromwell

  • They have been in business for more than 200 years, handcrafting the finest housewares.
  • All their products are made in the United States in either their Indiana or Vermont facilities.
  • All products come with a lifetime guarantee.


999 dollar flask

In an amusing note, pig bellies were one of the original commonly used items to make flasks. I’m not sure about you, but I’m thinking that I would feel slightly more classy swigging from whiskey held in a 24k gold flask as opposed to a pig belly.

In all seriousness though, most people probably won’t be able to afford an item this extravagant. If you fall into this category, I still highly recommend giving the Jacob Bromwell website a once over. They sell a bunch of a cool hand crafted shit. None of it is cheap, but most of it is cool. Their site could particularly come in handy for that hard to shop for person in  your life who already has everything they need. Anyway, that is probably enough pleading for today.

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KC7000 Kegerator

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, you should check out the KC7000 kegerator by EdgeStar. It is a beautiful appliance with features rarely seen in the kegerator market.The parent company of EdgeStar is Living Direct, Inc. They are based in Austin, Texas.


I realize not everyone is as capable as I am to sport a metaphorical hard on for an appliance. If you fall into this boat, the KC7000 can help you learn.

First, take note of the all stainless exterior, including the top covering plate (not seen in this image). Cheaper kegerators usually have a thin sheet of stainless on the door. The rest of the kegerator will still be plastic. It might be a gray colored plastic if you are lucky.


Air Cooled Beer Tower

ice cold

Next, it is worth noting that the KC7000 is the first residential kegerator with an air cooled beer tower. This is a feature that mechanical people could add to their current kegerator using a computer fan and a few other parts for around $30. A seller by the name Coldtower sells pre-made versions of the tower cooler on Ebay. The reality is most people buying a pre-built kegerator don’t want to dink around with installing their own beer tower cooler. A cooler reduces waste from the likelyhood your first few beers will be rancid or foamy.


Strong Casters

strong kegerator casters

Many kegerators at all price points have removable casters to allow for easy mobility. The casters on the KC7000 are extra durable, and for the first time, I they come in an interesting red color.


Automatic Defrost

While automatic defrost is common in most modern refrigerators, this feature is oddly lacking in most lower cost consumer kegerators,. The KC2000 and KC3000 series by EdgeStar do not automatically defrost. This feature likely isn’t a big deal if you don’t plan to use the kegerator all the time, but if you plan to consistently use the unit or it will be stored in a hard to move location, you will quickly appreciate this feature. It can be a major pain to move an unwieldy kegerator to an outside area to allow for accumulated ice to melt.


Storage capacity is one of the major advantages of the KC7000. This advantage is particularly handy if you are a homebrewer because the unit can hold up to 3 corny kegs. If you aren’t familiar with homebrew kegs, “corny” isn’t bullshit terminology. It is simply short for the more mundane sounding cornelius or ball lock keg. Oversized kegs from brewers like Millers, Coors, and Yuengling are no problem either. My favorite place to shop for affordable cornelius kegs is They are based out of Ohio and charge consistently low prices.



EdgeStar has manufactured kegerators and mini refrigerators for many years. Knowledge of how to build a unit that lasts has been applied to the KC7000. Durability is frequently the enemy of cost. Said another way, manufacturers often use parts they know inferior to ensure margins on a low cost unit. The components used for this unit are rock solid.


Undercounter / Built-In Capability

built-in kegerator

Compressor operated appliances, like a kegerator, need proper ventilation. If they don’t have proper air flow, the unit is likely to overheat dramatically reducing the life expectancy. This model vents from the front, allowing for it to be placed in built-in or under the counter setups. This is particularly useful if you want a kegerator without hurting the aesthetics of your home.



Price will be the rub for some potential buyers. The base model starts at $1399 and the top of the line outdoor unit with dual taps is $1699. I’m not going to lie. That’s a lot of money to drop on a device to keep draft beer cold. However, it isn’t out of line with the higher end Marvel and TRUE kegerators it is competing against. Also, many people will find this price point reasonable for such a well made device destined to be the crown jewel appliance for any beer lover.



This video is mostly lame, but it is good at demonstrating how the unit looks.


What Models Are Comparable?

The KC7000SS is a commercial quality kegerator. As such, you aren’t going to find any comparable models for less than a thousand bucks.

  • Marvel 60HK – At over $2000, this competitor is dramatically more expensive than the EdgeStar. It is still a beautiful machine with a triple tap option. Marvel also has a reputation for building quality appliances.
  • Summit SBC-490 – It costs a couple hundred more than the EdgeStar, but it is still cheaper than than the Marvel unit.
  • True TDD-1 – True is the manufacturer of the beverage refrigerators seen in many gas stations. This company is widely respected for making commercial appliances. It is hard to go wrong with a


I am absolutely in love with the EdgeStar KC7000 kegerator. Pictures don’t do it justice. It is a beautiful machine with a large capacity, cooled beer tower, automatic defrost and proven relaibility.

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Jacob Bromwell Great American Copper Flask

I recently saw the Great American Flask from Jacob Bromwell for the first time. My first thought was, “wow, that looks cool.” My second thought was, “holy fuck, that’s a $200 flask.

great american flask 2

Despite my initial shock at the price, this Great American Flask would make a great gift for the hard to shop for loved one on your list. A major plus to a gift like this is the fact that it doesn’t take much space. Even if the beneficiary doesn’t fall in love with this unique gift, it won’t take up much space in their drawer, closet, or attic.

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Important Details

  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • 9 ounce capacity capable of getting the thirstiest pioneer shitty drunk
  • Air tight seal
  • 4 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 1.5 inch diameter
  • Copper might purify liquids according to crazy people
  • Historically accurate wooden stopper


This is the sort of product most people will either love or hate. On one level, it is a little hoaky. On another level, it is an unusual gift that would indicate retrospection and care to the right recipient.

Motion Activated Soap Dispenser

Brylane Home has a motion activated soap dispenser for only $14.99. I must have an odd fondness for public restrooms since this gift item appeals to me. Don’t think too hard on that one.

The reality is this is a nice little gift at a fair price. Yeah, the person receiving this item probably won’t have it in 10 years and it might not even make it a year. It is still a neat gift.

Code BHPRESIDENT currently provides free shipping on orders over $25. Here is a sample order with this item in my cart 4 times to qualify for free shipping.

motion sensor soap dispensor order

I must be getting kind of old. It still seems largely like magic that an appliance can sense my motion and decide to spit a slippery substance at me as a result. It is even more magical when said appliance can do this for less than fifteen bucks. This really is one of those instances where we should thank our lucky stars for cheap Chinese labor. We really are living in a golden age of buying neat crap at rock bottom prices.