Two Tamrac Camera Bag Deals From Sears

Sears has two great deals on camera back today. The Tamrac Jazz 81 SLR backpack is $44.95 with free shipping. The deal is that you will earn $32.24 in Sears / Kmart points for later use.


tamrack camera backpack


This is a great bag for the price. In the picture it’s being used to hold 3 lenses, a DSLR body and a large flash.



The color choices probably aren’t what I would use if I was designing it from scratch, but they certainly aren’t bad. This definitely isn’t a hot pink camera bag that Sears is just trying to dump on the masses.


dslr backpack


The Sears price works out to be $44.95-$32.24=  $12.71 + tax for most people. How does this price compare? All but one other store I’ve found charges the same price as sears ($45) before the points are factored in. The only store I’ve found selling it for less is a new reseller on Amazon asking $30.49 after shipping. Overall, this appears to be a hell of a price if you will use the Shop Your Way Points.


dslr backpack


dslr backpack amazon


How Does This Price Compare To Similar Products?

I personally use the AmazonBasics SLR backpack. It is great quality and costs $29.99 shipped. Case Logic SLR backpacks cost even more at $49.99 and $69.99 respectively. Even compared to the low priced AmazonBasics deal, this offer from Sears for $13 after Shop Your Points is dirt cheap.

amazon slr backpacks


The second camera bag deal from Sears is even cheaper. You can buy the Tamrac Jazz 36 compact SLR camera bag for $25 and earn $21.24 in Shop Your Way Points for later use at Sears or Kmart. Sears is marking this deal as an Amazon price match. I’ve frequently seen Newegg and Amazon match each others’ price, but this is the first time I’ve seen Sears get into that game. Sears is fighting hard to offer the lowest costs on an assortment of items.

second camera bag


Here is what the second bag looks like.



Most merchants also charge $25 for this bag, so for just $4 after factoring in the Shop Your Way Points, this is a heck of a bargain.

tamrac 36 prices

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