Refurbished Nikon D3200 Deal

I haven’t posted a camera deal in roughly a month, which is a damn shame since I LOVE looking for camera deals. I have a good one today for anyone looking to buy an entry level digital SLR without putting much cash on the line.

Here is the Deal

Adorama Camera via Ebay has a Nikon D3200 manufacture refurbished body with an 18-55mm lens for $329.99 shipped. If you purchase this offer, you will earn $6.60 in Ebay bucks to use at a later date. This same kit is almost $400 on Amazon after shipping. The reviews are stellar at over a 4.5 star rating from more than 500 customer reviews. That’s pretty badass in my book. Basically, if you are looking to make a foray into the DSLR realm you probably want to stick with either Nikon or Canon. The glass tends to be more expensive over time than the camera body. You can’t easily use a Nikon lens on a Canon camera or visa versa.

refurbished nikon d3200 kit


Time Limit

Unfortunately, this offer is a time limited Ebay deal of the day. As I am writing this, there is only a little under 17 hours left to take advantage of this offer. I am not saying you should go cry in your beer if you miss this offer though. One of the fun aspects of tracking camera deals and most electronics for that matter is there is usually a better deal right around the bend.

ebay daily deal time limit

That isn’t to say this isn’t a sleek offer though if you are on a budget. If you do partake, one of the first additions you might want to make is to add a telephoto lens.  A 70-300mm Nikkor is a good deal in the $150 range. It will allow you to take outdoor pictures at a substantial distance with good quality (always a subjective reference). The f/4-5.6 rating means this lens will be quite abysmal in the dark but that is no biggie if you are using it on clear days.

Another great addition to any camera bag is a 50mm lens. The grey market Nikkor only costs slightly over $100 shipped on Amazon. These lenses are absolutely badass at taking indoor photos even in low light as reflected by the f/1.8 rating. You might be asking yourself at this point, why is the 50mm so cheap? That’s a great question. Research on the Internet claims that this focal length has had the most R&D poured into it over time. That still doesn’t fully explain to me why these lenses are such a good bargain. This is one of those cases where you should probably just go with it though and be happy.

50mm nikkor lens


One last note –  I suspect some of you might either be saying what the hell is grey market or would at least be suspicious of this purchase. This is a common term when it comes to camera equipment, and I think you would be safe. The biggest thing to check for is a difference in the warranty. Grey market items might have a shorter warranty period than items originally intended for the U.S. market. BH Photo has a good write up about the definition of grey market items here.

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