Ebay Daily Deal – Olympus Stylus SZ-15

Ebay has a deal on an Olympus Stylus SZ-15 camera for $69.99 shipped. The seller is listed as db_roth with 96,159 ratings and a 98.8% positive rate.

db_roght rating ebay

Despite the fact that I just ordered a Canon ELPH that has yet to arrived, I’m interested in this deal. Olympus has a solid reputation. The price for their camera equipment has plummeted since their financial scandal in 2011. This situation has been horrible for Olympus but great for bargain hunters, looking to purchase best in class camera technology at rock bottom prices.

I’m also interested in this deal because I’ve always been fond of a more substantial camera. I like the the feeling of having a point and shoot smaller than a DSLR but large enough that it fills my hand and can’t fall out of my pocket without me feeling it. This camera also has a 24x optical zoom. I’m sure pictures look awful at the max focal length. It’s still a neat feature to have in a camera that costs a mere 70 dollars.

olympus stylus sz-15


How Does The Price Compare

  • The Olympus SZ-15 costs $40 more on Amazon.

olympus on amazon

  • The best price in Google Shopping is $100 shipped from B&H Photo.

It looks like the Ebay deal is hella good if you are in the market for an affordable point and shoot superzoom.


How Do The Reviews Look?

Unfortunately, the reviews are a little too mixed for me to bite when it is all said and done. I would be more inclined to gamble on it if I hadn’t just bought the Canon. That said, there are some glowing reviews for the SZ-15.


  • The overall rating on Amazon is 4 stars with 52 reviews. I’m a little more concerned with the distribution of the reviews than the overall number. 30 reviewers give the camera 5 stars, but 9 people give it 1 star. The ratio of 1 star reviews is higher than I would like.

amazon olympus reviews

  • The reviews get downright abysmal on Google. The SZ-15 has a pitiful 2.5 star rating with a combined total of 126 reviews. This is the final number that scared me away from giving this camera a try.

google ratings


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