Buydig Sale On Nikon Refurbished Lenses

Buydig is having a badass sale on several refurbished Nikkor lenses for Nikon cameras. I would be all over some of these deals if I wasn’t fully entrenched in the Canon ecosystem already. These deals require customers to enter the coupon code REFURB30 to take full advantage.

Best Nikon Refurbished Lens Deals

1. The Nikon 55-200 mm F 4-5.6 Nikkor Lens is $69 shipped after coupon. This is obviously a beginner lens, but this is still tremendous versatility at a dirt cheap price if you are early in the hobby or just don’t have much extra cash to throw around. 55-200mm means you can use this as a good walking around lens. 55mm is about the length where you would take many indoor shots. 200mm will allow you to zoom out on objects far away.

nikon 50-200 mm refurbished at buydig

List price on the 55-200 mm Nikkor is $270. The Amazon price for the refurb version of this lens is $134. The best price I saw anywhere was $90 and that was from a no name store that would be a total crap shoot.

nikon 55-200 mm refurbished amazon

2. Another good deal is on the Nikkor 18-140 mm f 3.5-5.6 lens with VR image stabilization. List price for this lens is $600 and Buydig is selling the refurb version for $279 shipped after coupon. Remember the code is REFURB30 to save an extra $30.

18-140mm nikon refurbished lens at buydig

The new version of this lens is $500 on Amazon. The refurbished version is in the $320 range, which is more than $40 more than the price we are currently looking at from Buydig.

nikon 18-140mm amazon


3. The Nikkor 24-85mm f 3.5-4.5 lens is priced at $299 shipped after coupon. It is worth noting that this lens has a 5 star rating on Amazon with 44 reviews. It’s impressive anytime you can get 44 people to agree on anything, yet alone the quality of a consumer product.

nikkor 24-85mm lens

This lens will cost you over $560 new on Amazon, but you only save about $10 through the Buydig offer when looking at the refurbished version. Either way, it is still a great deal on a well reviewed lens.

amazon 24-85mm refurb nikkor lens


If you happen to miss this great deal from Buydig, I recommend looking at Cameta Camera for other deals. They are currently my favorite source for low priced camera equipment on the web.

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