Work Hammock

We put up a hammock at work today. The email marketing manager suggested having a hammock to the owner, and he was nice enough to bring one. Most of my co-workers had the same comment about it being a nice hammock.

work hammock

Notice how the weaving is padded. This got me thinking about what hammock options are available. The closest substitute I found on Amazon was the quilted fabric double hammock with pillow.

Quilted Fabric Double Hammock with Pillow

quiltted fabric double hammock with pillow

I actually think the hammock from Amazon looks a little nicer. The main plus is it comes with a pillow. Several co-workers who laid on the work hammock said they wished it came with pillow. The quilted fabric double hammock with pillow has a list price of $200, but it is currently (6/14/13) on sale for $69.99 with $10 shipping and handling. Other benefits:

  • 450 pound weight capacity
  • resistant to fading from sunlight
  • the pillow buttons in place
  • out of 50 reviews, 33 people give it 5 stars and and 12 give it 4 stars (the other 5 people are just bitchy)

In case you wondered, here is what the work hammock looked like after it was installed.

work hammock 2

We hung our work hammock between two cedar trees. They are considered an invasive species in Austin, so no one minds if you drill a couple holes in them. The Amazon picture of the quilted fabric double hammock with pillow did get me thinking about that awesome wooden stand in the picture. We got lucky by having two trees of the proper distance, but Amazon has that awesome wooden stand if you want or need one.

14 Foot Wooden Hammock Stand with Luxurious 5 Layer Quilted Hammock

14 foot wooden hammock stand

Unfortunately, this stand isn’t exactly cheap. The list price is $499. The price on Amazon (6/14/13) is $249.99 + $69.99 shipping for an out the door total of $319.98. The main features of the hammock stand are:

  • 3 year warranty on all the wood components
  • 450 pound capacity
  • Luxurious 5-layer, sunlight resistant hammock included
  • All necessary bolts, washers, and tools included

I realize this hammock setup might be cost prohibitive for many people. If you are looking for more affordable options and don’t mind the aesthetics of a metal stand, you might consider the number 1 selling hammock option on Amazon.

Vivere UHSDO9 Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

hammock with metal stand
While this hammock lacks the pizzazz of some of the others we’ve looked at, it is quite affordable at $129.97 (as of 6/14/13) with free shipping.

Other attributes:

  • 450 pound weight capacity
  • The colorful hammock is 100% cotton
  • The set includes a carrying case

I wouldn’t expect the hammock bed to be as comfortable nor as durable as some of the other options, but at roughly a one third the cost, it’s a more reasonable option for many.

Putting up a hammock at work was an enjoyable, stress relieving way to spend some of a Friday afternoon. Should you decide a hammock would improve your life be it at work or home, I hope you can use some of my research to make the best decision for yourself.


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