Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Not Working Windows 8

Has the touchpad mouse on your Toshiba laptop quit working in Windows 8? I have a Satellite S855-S5378. It’s been a good machine for the most part. The fan can get a little loud, and I’m not a huge fan of Windows 8. I can’t blame Toshiba for the latter problem though.

The other day my touchpad quit working out of the blue. By out of the blue, I mean my cat walked over the keyboard and it stopped. The annoying part was the touchpad mouse would work before logging into Windows 8 but not after logging in. At first I said, “oh well,” and plugged in a spare USB mouse. That didn’t last long.

Google led me to a thread at:

Toshiba Forums

Their solution seemed like a pain. I decided to check my settings before going to so much effort.

How to Check Settings Toshiba Synaptic Touchpad Settings

  1. Click on the up arrow on the right side of your taskbar
  2. Click on the Synaptic menu

Toshiba Synaptic Touchpad Menu

3. Select pointing device properties

Toshiba Synaptic Pointing Device Properties

4. Click on the Device Settings tab and make sure the Enable button is pressed

Synaptic Mouse Properties

If you are lucky like I was, this solution will solve your problem. Otherwise, you might want to try the more tedious steps described in the Toshiba forum.

Best of luck! P.S. If you decide to give up, here is the link for the Amazon page of laptops.


  1. Andrew
    thanks for the info – toshiba satellite touchpad is working fine now with your quick fix. Would still like to resolve whether the touchpad is hypersensitive as it seems to open sites regularly on its own in win 8 or whether I can alter it to be more functional and less “touchy”. any help for me?

  2. thanks this fixed it , took me a little bit to find this site but this worked so thanks for fixing my touchpad awesome

  3. thanks a lot, my touchpad was working perfectly fine with this solution.

    • Andrew,Could you please tell me how to fix my toshiba satellite laptop with Windows 8.1. . It will work until I get logged in and then the pointing device disappears and I can do nothing else. Thanks and God Bless, Kathy

  4. Thanks so much!

  5. Danielle says

    This same exact thing happened to me! My new kitten walked across the top of my keyboard, and then my trackpad stopped working completely! Thank you so much for the help!

  6. Thank you! That was exactly the problem. I wonder how it became disabled in the first place. But now that I think about it, my cat walked across the keyboard earlier, too. 🙂

  7. Thank you!!!!!! My cat did the same thing, then liked how warm the keyboard was and took a quick nap. 😛

  8. No cat in this household, but this solution fixed my touchpad immediately…THANKS! Does anyone know what sequence of keys will disable this in the first place?

  9. Thank you for the simple and effective solution. It worked perfectly the first time and taught me something.

  10. Yea, but do u have any suggestions for when u can’t move the mouse at all I can’t click on anything

  11. Sweet, this worked for me. Other forums mentioned using Fn+f5 to reenable the mouse, but that didn’t work at all. One issue that some people might come across is how to do this without having a mouse in the first place? I’ve noticed that this problem seems to sometimes just randomly occur, and I don’t always have a mouse conveniently accessible (but still need use of my laptop) when it happens at times.

    Anyways, great little tutorial, thanks a bunch!

  12. Thank you so much for this simple solution. So many forums advised to restart, but that simply wasn’t working for me!
    This fixed the solution immediately, thank you.

  13. Thanks for the straight forward solution. It worked perfectly.
    No cat in the house.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite S50t-C. The function keys (F1 – F12) have been swapped with dedicated functions on each key. To use the keys as function key, you have to hit a dedicated Fn key simultaneously. This is the opposite of normal desktop keyboards. I am accustomed to hitting the F5 key to “refresh display” i.e. refresh a file explorer window or a browser screen. On my new Toshiba laptop, the F5 key has a symbol showing a “Touchpad/No Touchpad”. Hence, hitting the F5 key toggles the touchpad on and off.

    I think that’s how I inadvertently disabled the touchpad.

  14. My dell touchpad stopped working. Windows 10.
    USB mouse was fine. Little button between the G and H keys worked to. No touchpad.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and the pad itself. Nothing.
    No function keys would turn it on either.
    Tried to Restore back a week, but my computer couldn’t find the file.
    The real question I had was, software or hardware?
    So I created a Linux boot DVD.
    Very simple, took 10 minutes to download the Linux, a few more to burn the DVD, videos online explained how to do it.
    I rebooted the computer in Linux.
    Yeah! Touchpad worked. Not a hardware problem!
    And when I rebooted in Windows 10, it still worked.
    So, try this fix. At worse, it will tell you if your hardware is broken, or your software.

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