Viglink Review

My day job is as an affiliate manager. I spend a ridiculously large amount of my life thinking about every aspect of affiliate marketing. One of my favorite affiliate marketing tools is Viglink.

How Does Viglink Work?

Viglink acts as a sub-affiliate network. In other words, they act as an intermediary between you and the actual merchant’s affiliate program. After you join Viglink you can see if a given store is associated and the corresponding commission rate. If they are associated, you can create affiliate links for that store without directly joining their program.

I mostly use the Anywhere option to create an affiliate link to any page one a participating merchants website. The Anywhere section is a tab you can find at the top of the site.

viglink anywhere

I don’t usually check if a merchant is associated first. You can do that by clicking the Merchants tab and conducting a search if you like. I usually go to the Anywhere tab first and create the link. I can usually tell from the addition of Google Analytics or Omniture parameters whether or not they are associated. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, I recommend checking first.

Here is an example I found interesting. Wine Enthusiast is a competitor of my current employer. My research has indicated that they do not work with coupon affiliates because they used a tool called Convertro to provide analytics on the value of various partners. These analytics showed coupon affiliates had little to no value. The reason I state this is because I think it is interesting that they would still work with a sub-affiliate program that tends to mask the identity of the actual affiliate. Seems like a good backdoor for coupon sites if you ask me.

The process to create your affiliate link is incredibly simple. Enter the page you want to link to and click build. You then use the redirect link to direct visitors to the intended merchant’s site.

viglink anywhere

Here is the above WineEnthusiast link.

wineenthusiast cj link resolved

As I mentioned, I can see that this is an affiliate link by the parameters at the end (AfID=CJ & PID=6155762). This first parameter (CJ) stands for Commission Junction, the affiliate network they use. The second PID parameter is associated with Viglink within Commission Junction.

viglink cj pid

The above screenshot is interesting because it shows how much Viglink has earned on average per 100 clicks. A 3 month and 7 day average is provided. Viglink’s 3 month average is around 10 cents per click, and the 7 day average is around 9 cents per click. It’s not an incredibly impressive average, but you have to keep in mind they likely have many novice affiliates using their system.

Despite the relatively low average earnings per click, they still have a 5 bar rank for network earnings. This means they generate a ton of revenue, which makes sense as they have an army of affiliate partners using their interface.


Automatically Insert Links

If you are the set it and forget it type, Viglink has an option to automatically affiliate links for you based upon keywords. I like to think their algorithm isn’t as smart as I am, but I’m not too keen on giving up that much control over my own blog. Using this feature is particularly simple if you have a CMS they’ve already created a plugin or step by step instructions. These platforms include:


  1. iddaa uzmani says

    Thanks for detailed explanation; I am about to chose Viglink or Skimlinks. I don’t get too much traffic and I am confused which to prefer.

  2. I want to offer the educational reading items I use available through affiliate links on Amazon. But I live in Missouri, a banned states. Can Viglink get me past this? If so, I’ll gladly join through you! 😉 I really hope you let me know!

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