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Autozone is one of the largest car parts retailers in the United States with over 5,200 brick and mortar stores and a market cap over 17 billion dollars. The Autozone affiliate program began operating on the Commission Junction network in December of 2009. They run my second favorite auto parts affiliate program next to Advance Auto Parts. I like this latter company more because their discount strategy is more coupon focused. The earnings potential with Autozone is still substantial.


Program Performance

Autozone has a 4 bar network earnings ranking in CJ. While this is substantial, I was surprised that a 17 billion dollar company wasn’t 5 bars. This indicates that they are likely selective about who they let into the program. While they might be more selective with smaller players, they still allow the standard coupon sites. I tested this by going to Retailmenot. Their link resolved with obvious CJ tracking:

autozone cj earnings

EPC (earnings per 100 clicks) has stayed consistent over the last three months. Amongst all affiliate, they pay an average of 25 cents per click. Keep in mind publishers like Retailmenot skew this average and also take commissions from more niche focused affiliates by swooping in at the last minute to capture the brand + coupon searches to earn a share of sales that were going to take place with or without their existence.


Commission Rate

Autozone’s affiliate commission rate is fairly close to Advance Auto Parts. They both has a base rate of 8%. The top advertised rate is 9% for sales over $10,000 per month. You can see all the tiers in the following image:

autozone commission tiers
The referral period was increased 50% from the original 30 days mentioned on their affiliate page to the 45 day length in the current program terms. It’s always nice to have the longest referral period possible.

Cashback Rate

As an affiliate junky and lover of cashback, I am always curious how much of their commissions cashback sites are passing to the consumer. In the case of Autozone, there are a handful of sites passing on nearly their entire commission value. If you are looking for a good cashback site to use, I recommend looking at Mr. Rebates.

autozone cashback

Contact Information

Autozone does not display contact information for their affiliate manager within Commission Junction. This is a good indication that the affiliate program is on the relative back burner in terms of their overall ecommerce strategy. It appears that they manage the program internally. If i had to go out on a limb, I would say that Mitch Walden is the program contact.


Company Background

Autozone is a relatively young company given their size. The first store wasn’t opened until 1979. They are headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The company has seen tremendous growth both in its stock price and in terms of revenue over the last few years. Shares that could have been purchased for less than $100 in 2008 are now worth more than five times that amount. Price to earnings is at around 17. This number is less concerning than the price to earnings ratio of 22 for Advance Auto Parts. Of course it could also mean that the prognosticators are expecting more growth for the latter. Either way, this would have been a great stock to own in recent times.

autozone stock price

You can find more information about the Autozone Affiliate Program here.


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