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Advance Auto Parts runs one of the most generous and lenient affiliate programs in the auto parts industry. They operate their affiliate program on the Commission Junction network. You can register here.


Commission Rates

The base commission rate for the Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program is 8%. Performance incentives increase this rate to 9% for sales over $10,000 in a month and to 10% for sales over $20,000 per month. A referral period of 30 days is granted between when the affiliate link is clicked and the cookie expires.

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The affiliate program has the highest 5 bar network earnings rank in Commission Junction. This isn’t terribly surprising from a multibillion dollar company. The EPC (earnings per 100 clicks) has ranges from $31 when looking at a 3 month average to over $40 when looking at the 7 day average. Said another way, the average affiliate is earning more than 30 cents per click when using the Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program.

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Contact Information

Advance Auto Parts uses an outsourced program manager (OPM) to run their program. Gen 3 Marketing out of Pennsylvania is the company they use. Gen 3 is one of the larger OPM’s. The provided contact address is:

Jon Kendall is the manager currently assigned to this account. His Linkedin profile indicates he has a wealth of affiliate marketing experience.


Why I Like The Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program

I like the Advance Auto Parts Affiliate Program more than most of their competitors because they consistently release aggressive tiered coupons. Honestly, their promotional discount strategy is an affiliate marketers dream. Here is a typical offer:

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I never realized the margins were so rich in the auto parts industry until I saw this level of discounting.  $40 off $110 equates to over 36% off if you could nail the order value at exactly $110. If you slap the highest commission rate of 10% on that, they are discounting up to 46%, which is fairly remarkable. I can only assume that the lifetime value of an auto parts customer is quite high. After all, most of us will drive for the majority of our lives.


Company Background

Advance Auto Parts was founded in 1932 and now has over 4,000 brick and mortar locations. The company generates roughly 6 billion dollars in revenue with the assistance of over 55,000 employees. AAP is the stock symbol. Price to earning is at a seemingly inflated rate of almost 23, resulting in a market cap of 9.5 billion. Even more impressively, they trade for roughly 5 times the October 24, 2008 price of $25.91. All I have to say on this front is good for them.

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Alternative Affiliate Programs

  • Autozone is the most logical alternative affiliate program. They also pay an 8% base rate with the program run out of Commission Junction. 5,200 locations with a market cap of 17.4 billion makes Autozone almost twice as large in valuation than Advance.
  • Auto Parts Warehouse also pays a base rate of 8%. They have a 10% tier for parts labeled as engine and a whopping 14% tier for parts labeled as replacement. Unfortunately, they pay nothing for over 11,000 tire and wheel products. I can’t even¬† begin to speculate why they do this, but it does make me nervous about the program.
  • Neither Pep Boys nor O’Reilly Automotive appear to run affiliate programs at this time.


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  2. I am not sure if I am still pending, or an affiliate of your site. CJ informed me that I would be receiving a confirmation email from your organization, and I’ve only received a confirmation of registration. Can I begin advertising?

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